Guidelines for database assignments

You should supply the following:

  1. Your team name and the names of its members
  2. A one paragraph description of the problem
  3. The data model in png format (File > Export > Export as PNG…)
  4. The name of the database on the MySQL server
  5. Ten queries
    • A natural language description of the query
    • The SQL and the results (Query -> Execute (All or Selection) to Text)
    • Copy and paste the results into a word processing document so that everything is in one document.
  6. The ten queries should cover the following SQL features:
    • multiple table join
    • subquery
    • correlated subquery
    • GROUP BY
    • GROUP BY with HAVING
    • ORDER BY
    • Divide
    • IN or NOT IN
    • A built-in function (e.g., AVG) or a calculated field
    • REGEXP
    • EXISTS or NOT EXISTS, other than in divide
  7. You may combine some of the preceding list of features into a single query. Indicate in matrix format in your report which features are covered in a query. A sample matrix is shown:
  Query 1 Query 2 ...
multiple table join x    
subquery x x  
...   x