Ebscohost Query Maker

11/30/2021 by Dave Eargle

Querying Ebscohost for specific journals and keywords is painful. So use this tool!

By default, this tool filters to just the FinancialTimes FT-50 journal list. It can optionally also include several other journals from the AIS-8.

This tool uses EBSCOHOST's Business Source Complete database. (See here for a list of all ebscohost databases.)

For a list of all journals in the Business Source Complete database, see here.

The direct-link urls are constructed following these direct-link guidelines.

For a direct link to ebscohost Business Source Complete database, see here. You will have to authenticate through whatever means you have available.


Check the box below to customize journals to include in the search.

By default, journals in the FT-50 are selected. But the list also includes available journals from the AIS-8. Either set can be selected, and individual journals can be selected or unselected.

| | | *JSIS is not included in EBSCO's business source complete database!


Optionally, include keywords to search for.

This tool will create a query that searches for papers that include the term in the article's title, abstract, or keywords.

If more than one keyword is set, then the join method can be customized (e.g., 'AND', 'OR').

  • {{ keyword }}

{{ keyword_bquery }}


Copy the query. Then, go to business source complete and paste in the query.

{{ bquery }}


Go to Business Source Complete

You will have to authenticate through whatever means you have available.

It is possible to generate a direct link to ebscohost databases that include the query, but if the query is too long, the web server will return a 404-not-found error message. Including all FT-50 journals on its own surpasses the url length limit. Nevertheless, a direct link including the query is provided below.

Direct Query Link

If this link returns a 404 error, then the link is too long. Instead, visit {{ baseurl }} and paste in the query from this page.