Intro to Linux

By Drs. Anthony Vance and Dave Eargle

Complete this very gentle introduction to Linux Terminal

CodeAcademy has an introductory set of lessons that teach the Linux Terminal. You should complete the first lesson-set within each module:

  1. Navigating the File System
    1. Navigation
  2. Viewing and Changing the File System
    1. Manipulation
  3. Redirecting Input and Output
    1. Redirection
  4. Configuring the Environment
    1. Environment

You do not need to do any of the “projects” or multiple choice quizzes. Just the lesson-sets.

Learn a linux text editor

The CodeAcademy lessons above give you basic exposure to the nano text editor. However, you are free to use whatever text editor you like. nano is good for beginners, though.


You must use your Kali vm for the following. Doing so proves both that you got Kali up and running, and that you have basic skills with Linux terminal.

For example:


Optional – More Thorough Walkthrough, but also more intimidating