Creating separate RSS feeds because I want to blog about more things.

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I want to blog about a wider collection of topics. For years I’ve been timid to publish beyond a small set of topics related to my work – security, analytics, pedagogy, etc. I’ll call these the “professional” posts. But I have a lot of random hobbies, and I want to archive them somehow! Like woodworking, electronics, gardening, home automation, and church/religion stuff. I’ll call these “unprofessional” posts (⌐■_■).

I currently use jekyll/jekyll-feed to generate this site’s /feed.xml RSS file. That file will continue to have all posts. (I don’t see an easy way to do otherwise with OOTB Jekyll.) But now, I’m going to publish more RSS files, including /feed/professional.xml and /feed/unprofessional.xml.

I don’t know how many readers I have, and of those, I don’t know how many would only want the professional-type posts. Hence this blog posts – if you only want one or the other, visit /feeds/ to get the new links.

The homepage of this site, by default, will only show “professional” posts. That change, coupled with this feeds-change, give me enough confidence to do what I want.

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