Some things I'm working on; some things I've made.


Some things I’ve made. Links are scattered throughout blog posts, so I’m gathering them here.

College Financial Calculator

Calculator that helps plan how much needs to be invested now, using a variety of investment strategies, in order to pay for college in the future.

Ebscohost Query Maker

Tool to assist in making ebscohost Business Source Complete database queries of terms appearing in title-abstract-keywords of articles in top b-school journals.

Grade curve calculator

Some schools have guidelines for distribution of letter grades for a class. This tool helps with compliance with those guidelines.

Kali on GCP

DevOps for material for my information security management class. Includes a pen test lab on GCP.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework ⭤ 800‑53 Controls Mapping

The NIST CSF Core maps controls from 800-53 (and other) informative references, but only by code, which makes text-searching impossible. Mashup!

Academic Research

I do academic research on things like the following:

  • Behavioral Cybersecurity
  • Political biases in Online News Consumption
  • Identifying the informaiton systems research Nomological Network via Machine learning
  • Using crowdsourcing platforms for research data collection

Learn more on my research page.

Github Projects

Check out my github activity! deargle

I publish some of my class content in the deargle-classes github organization.

I am involved more heavily with development of a few open-source repositories, such as the ones below.