Various classes I've taught at different universities.

This page lists some classes that I’ve taught at different universities.

See /vita/#teaching-experience for student course- and instructor-evaluation metrics for classes I’ve taught at CU Boulder.

See the bottom of this page for links to some syllabi.

Information Security Management (graduate)

  • Taught within the Masters of Business Analytics—Security track.
  • Compared to the undergraduate offering, this course’s lectures have a stronger focus on specific security behaviors that generate data amenable to machine learning – e.g., post mortem reports from Mandiant and the House Oversight Committee (Equifax, OPM)

Information Security Management (undergraduate)

  • Exploration of human, organizational, and technical domains of information security management.
  • Self-created hands-on Google Cloud virtual machine labs to teach students to “think like attackers”

Security Analytics

  • A projects-based class focused on applying machine learning to security-related data. Topics include malware classification (binomial and multinomial), modeling using mobile sensor data, network traffic parsing (PCAPS => netflows) and malicious IP, domain classification
  • A focus on using python-sklearn – on reading documentation and source code
  • Also a focus on “open data science” – on hosted Jupyter notebooks, on using Git and Github to store and share code projects. Also on sharing and programmatically consuming shared data.
  • Labs have students host models behind API endpoints (Flask app). Models are also deployed to AWS and GCP’s machine learning platforms.

Business Analytics

  • Descriptive: querying, and ETL/wrangling data with Alteryx
  • Predictive: supervised vs unsupervised machine learning algorithms
  • Used Alteryx and DataRobot AutoML
  • Covering topics such as association rules, k-means clusters, regressions, correlations, and text mining

Database Management

Taught relational database structures and data querying in MySQL and R to Juniors and Seniors from various departments

Spreadsheets for Business Majors

Full responsibility for four college-level class sections on computer spreadsheet skills, with total enrollment of over 270 across four sections. Mix of online plus in-class teaching. Oversight of three teaching assistants.

Microsoft Excel workshops for Katz Graduate students

Taught four beginner-to-advanced-level Microsoft Excel workshops to part-time Katz MBA students

Introduction to Information Systems Management

  • Full responsibility for a class of 60 undergraduate students from various departments of the University of Pittsburgh’s College of Business Administration.
  • Complete direction over course curriculum, policies, and syllabus.


Not all syllabi are shown below – some syllabi have been lost to the sands of time.