Topics from the semester, Fall 2019

This is a structure to help guide you in your study – it is not an all-inclusive guide.

Introduction to the class

Threat Modeling

Cryptography – Symmetric Encryption and Hashing

Cryptography – Supplemental

Cryptography – Asymmetric

Cryptography – Digital Certificates

Authentication and Passwords

Password Cracking

Vulnerability Scanning


Physical Security

Human Element

Network Security Monitoring

Information Security in Organizations

Malware Analysis



Security and Terrorism

Information Privacy


Number One Priorities if you are in charge of infosec in an organization

1. Monitor first (NSM) <== most number 1
1. Implement and manage patch management
1. Implement and manage backup solution
1. Remind yourself every day -- no security through obscurity! Do not roll your own crypto (put picture of dvd john on your cubicle and in your wallet)