Chair Bookshelf


Part of the woodworking collection.


Wood prices be so high that…

Old chairs from the old table! Ones I had cut up in a trance a few weeks previously.

Spindles for the slats, the seats for the shelves.

To join the legs – On the bottom, I spent over an hour drill pressing with a forstner bit and trying to get the legs’ already-existing pegged ends to fit into the hole. I almost bought a lathe. I ended up driving a screw into the end of the leg, cutting off the head, and then chucking the screw into my drill, clamping down sandpaper and drilling and pressing down on the chucked leg with my hand until the peg fit the forstner hole. But after doing that on the bottom, I gave up and just drove 3” screws down into the legs from the opposite sides.

I fixed those slats on at full width, and used a jigsaw at the end, kind of floating, to trim off the ends.

Circular saw on the chair bottoms to cut them down to 12” deep.