Garden Window Shelf


Part of the woodworking collection.

This table was my first attempt at creating panels. I jointed the boards on a table saw. But I didn’t have a very long jig, so I cut all of the pieces shorter first. Then I butted the boards up against one another long-wise. I used a bunch of cauls to make up for my lack of sufficient worksurface.

The glue-up was a nightmare! Largely due to my attempt to glue up all 30+ boards at once. I fixed gaps with a paste of sawdust and glue.

Sanded for hours with a random orbital, and finished with three coats of general finishes water-based poly.

Later, I’ll post a picture of it installed in the window. It does its job! The table finish holds up well against water drips.


I definitely need more worksurface, and more clamps...


Nothing a sawdust and glue paste won't fix